The BEST of The Icicle Works [Best Kept Secrets]

The Icicle Works

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Release Type: Album
First appeared in chart (at position): 05/09/1992 (60)
Last seen in chart (at position): 05/09/1992 (60)
Length of time in chart: 1 weeks
Highest position in chart: 60 


Date Move Position
05/09/1992  New Entry  60


A compilation covering the recordings that The Icicle Works made for Beggars Banquet between 1983 and 1988. The first disc is a 'Best Of', while the second contains some b-sides, live versions, covers, rare tracks.

With individual song comments from McNabb, an appreciative essay, complete discography, and fine artwork, the Icicle Works collection provides an excellent overview of the group's heyday. If not quite as strong as the band's debut album as an experience due to the inclusion of less successful later numbers, all the hit singles and some fine album cuts appear, not to mention an interesting rarity or two. Beginning with the "long version" of the chiming drive of "Hollow Horse" from The Small Price Of A Bicycle, this collection fully showcases McNabb's passionate, elegant quaver and driving songwriting, as well as the abilities of the fine Layhe/Sharrock rhythm section. The three biggest hits get pride of place near the start: "Love Is a Wonderful Colour," "Birds Fly" (with wry comments from McNabb on its stateside re-titling as "Whisper to a Scream"), and "Understanding Jane." This last one appears in a 1992 version via remixing and extra overdubs by McNabb, but it's still a perfect blast of just-sly-enough pop/punk. He does a similar remix job with Small Price's gentler "When It All Comes Down," with equally fine results. "High Time," meanwhile, surfaces in its wonderful acoustic version from the "Kiss Off" single, while an otherwise unreleased track, the brooding, dramatic "Firepower," was recorded shortly before the original line-up collapsed. 


[UK CD] Beggars Banquet BEGA 124 CD 

[Japan 2CD] Beggars Banquet TKCB 70084 

[UK CD RE] Beggars Banquet BBL 124 CD 


 [UK 2CD] Beggars Banquet BEGA 124 CD
 [UK CD RE] Beggars Banquet BBL 124 CD
 [Japan 2CD] Beggars Banquet TKCB 70084

Disc 1

Track Title Composer Time Notes
1 Hollow Horse Chris Layhe
Ian McNabb
4:56 Long Version
Produced by Hugh Jones
2 Love Is A Wonderful Colour Ian McNabb 4:10Mixed By Hugh Jones
Produced by David Lord
3 Birds Fly (Whisper To A Scream) Ian McNabb 3:47 Produced by Hugh Jones
4 Understanding Jane ['92 Version] Ian McNabb 3:25 Produced by Ian Broudie
Remix, Other [Additional Overdubs] by Ian McNabb
5 Shit Creek Chris Layhe
Ian McNabb
4:01 Produced by Ian McNabb
Mixed by
 Mark Wallis
6 High Time [Acoustic Version] Ian McNabb 3:34 Produced by Geoff Muir and The Icicle Works
7 Who Do You Want For Your Love?       Ian McNabb 3:56 Produced by Ian Broudie
8 Evangeline Ian McNabb 4:04 Produced by Ian Broudie
9 Little Girl Lost Ian McNabb 4:35 Produced by Ian McNabb
Mixed by
 Mark Wallis
10 When It All Comes Down Ian McNabb 5:46 '92 Version
Produced by Ian McNabb
Producer [Original] - Pat Moran
11 Starry Blue Eyed Wonder Ian McNabb 4:12 Produced by Ian McNabb
Mixed by
 Mark Wallis
12 Out Of Season Ian McNabb 4:43 Produced by Hugh Jones
13 The Kiss Off Ian McNabb 4:19 Produced by Geoff Muir and The Icicle Works
14 Up Here In The North Of England Ian McNabb 5:12 Produced by Ian Broudie
15 Firepower Ian McNabb 3:43 Produced by Ian McNabb
16 Blind Ian McNabb 5:19 Produced by Ian McNabb
Mixed by Mark Wallis

Disc 2 | Best Kept Secrets | B Sides & Live & Rare

Track Title Composer Time Notes
1 Like Weather Ian McNabb 5:33 Produced by Ian McNabb
2 One Time Ian McNabb 6:22 Produced by The Icicle Works
3 I Never Saw My Hometown 'Til I Went Around The World Ian McNabb 2:48 Produced by Geoff Muir and The Icicle Works
4 Private Revolution Karl Wallinger 4:21 Live
Mixed By Ian McNabb
Originally Performed by World Party
5 Sure Thing Ian McNabb 4:56 Produced by Geoff Muir and The Icicle Works
6 Nirvana Ian McNabb 8:24 Live
Produced by The Icicle Works
7 Triad / Chestnut Mare David Crosby
Roger McGuinn
4:47 Produced by Ian McNabb.

Originally performed by The Byrds.

[A Tribute To The Byrds]

Originally released on 'Time Between - A Tribute To The Byrds' [Imaginary Records ILLCD 400]
8 The Atheist Ian McNabb 4:25 Produced by Martin Lawrence
9 The Needle And The Damage Done Neil Young 2:34 With Pete Wylie[Live-in World Anti-Heroin Project]
Originally Performed by Neil Young

Originally released on 'The Anti-Heroin Project - It's A Live-In World' [1986][EMI Records AHP LP1]
10 Whipping Boy Ian McNabb 4:24 Produced by Geoff Muir and The Icicle Works
11 Solid Ground Ian McNabb 3:09 Produced by Ian McNabb
12 Acid Hell Nightmare Ian McNabb 4:07 Produced by The Icicle Works
13 Broken Hearted Fool Ian McNabb 3:42 Produced by Ian McNabb
14 Hot Profit Gospel Ian McNabb 3:41 Produced by The Icicle Works
15 Tin Can Ian McNabb 3:19 Produced by The Icicle Works
16 Goin' Back Carole King
Gerry Goffin


"Private Revolution" was originally performed by World Party. 
"The Needle And The Damage Done" was originally performed by Neil Young. 
"Triad", "Chestnut Mare" and "Goin' Back" was originally performed by The Byrds.

[Japan 2CD] Beggars Banquet TKCB 70084
Japanese booklet & English insert
In double fat jewel case

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