Ian McNabb

2CD Private Pressing


Available by mail only. Limited to 1000 copies, each numbered on the spine.

“More from the drawer. A double album of outtakes, radio sessions and demos. Limited to 1,000 numbered copies. Very rare. Don’t think I even kept one of these for myself. I usually put these things out when I’m running out of money and they’ll sell out in a week. More to come!” IMc  

[UK 2CD] Fairfield [Private Release] OB1

Disc 1

Track Title Composer Time Notes
1 Merseybeast R.I. McNabb  6:59 Demo (with original lyrics) [March 1995]
2 Friend Of My Enemy R.I. McNabb 5:07 Demo [October 1996]
3 Beautiful Old Mystery R.I. McNabb 4:13 Demo [March 1995]
4 You Must Be Prepared To Dream R.I. McNabb 5:26 Acoustic Radio Session with CRAZY HORSE [June 1994] 
5 Sing R.I. McNabb 4:42 Demo [March 1995]
6 You Only Get What You Deserve R.I. McNabb 4:33 Demo [March 1995]
7 Liverpool Girl R.I. McNabb 4:49 Demo (with original lyrics) [October 1996]
8 Love's Young Dream R.I. McNabb 4:28 Demo [March 1995]
9 Hollywood Tears R.I. McNabb 4:10 Alternative Vocal Version [March 2000]
10 Rollin' On (The Things We Gave Away)   R.I. McNabb 5:41 Demo [February 1999]
11 Livin' Proof (Miracles Can Happen) R.I. McNabb 3:20 Live [December 1999]
12 Glory Be R.I. McNabb 6:16 Demo [October 1996]

Disc 2 

Track Title Composer Time Notes
1 Heydays R.I. McNabb 5:44 Demo [March 1995]
2 Right On Time R.I. McNabb 3:58 Demo [October 1996]
3 Growing Younger R.I. McNabb 5:17 Demo [March 1995]
4 May You Always R.I. McNabb 5:01 Home Demo [August 1993]
5 Somebody Tell Rebecca R.I. McNabb 4:15 Outtake [September 2001]
6 Something Wonderful R.I. McNabb 4:44 Demo [January 2000]
7 These Are The Days R.I. McNabb 4:38 Acoustic Radio Session with CRAZY HORSE [June 1994]
8 Love, Where Are You? R.I. McNabb 4:33 Demo [March 1995]
9 Sometimes I Think About You   R.I. McNabb 5:01 Live [November 1993]
10 Don't Patronise Me R.I. McNabb 4:16 Demo [March 1985]
11 Available Light R.I. McNabb 6:23 Demo [March 1985]
12 Won't Get Fooled Again Pete Townshend  8:31 Outtake [April 1991].

[Disagreement of the People Album]

Originally released on 'A Collection of Artists Against the Criminal InJustice Act - 
The Disagreement of the People' [Cooking Vinyl Cook CD 088].

The CD features 17 tracks by various artists including Julian Cope, Chumbawamba,
The Pogues, Billy Bragg, and Jackie Leven with Mike Scott & Robert Bly. 
The album protests legislation of the British parliament which infringes on many
of the basic human rights.


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