Ian McNabb
North West Coast [Limited]

2LP | 2CD | CD


Release Type: Album
First appeared in chart (at position): 18/05/1996 (30)
Last seen in chart (at position): 25/05/1996 (55)
Length of time in chart: 2 weeks
Highest position in chart: 30

Date Move Position
18/05/1996  New Entry 30
25/05/1996  Down 55


"Put simply, it's magnificent. A big-hearted and romantic exposition of classic rock and pop themes fortified by full-on electric armoury and decorated by strings, flutes and the like. " Stuart Maconie, Q

Merseybeast (an album title to savor from the Liverpool native) marks Ian McNabb's third solo collection of refreshing, heart-on-sleeve, no-hidden-agendas pop/rock. He communicates such an open, wide-eyed innocence through his work that it's difficult at first to believe he can be for real. But McNabb's willingness to express, from a male perspective, emotions uncommon for conventional rock's posturing swagger soon makes you a convert. When, for instance, was the last time a guy convincingly sang about "Camaraderie" in a way that could (at least, until the very end) apply in an equally touching way to a male or female respondent? The tone of McNabb's cosy-fireplace vocals -- especially on ballads like "Too Close to the Sun" -- sometimes evoke legendary crooner Scott Walker, likely through such second-hand bridges as David Bowie, Bryan Ferry, or perhaps fellow-Liverpudlian Julian Cope's (the Teardrop Explodes) influential 1981 Walker compilation The Godlike Genius Of....

At the same time, parts of Merseybeast (notably "Heydays" and "They Settled for Less than They Wanted") make me think of some lost Mick Ronson album. On his own sporadic solo releases, the late Spiders from Mars guitarist shared McNabb's talent for making an ingratiating, "golly-gee" naivete work to his advantage. (Speaking of "They Settled," I can also hear former Call vocalist Michael Been tackling this dense, lugubrious anthem of disappointment and missed opportunity, one of the rare downers on the disc.) "Don't Put Your Spell on Me" harkens back to Liverpool's postpunk salad days, a track that would have been envied in the early '80s by both Echo & the Bunnymen and the Teardrop Explodes.

"Recorded in South Wales, London and Liverpool. A real effort was made to write pop songs on this one as everything was so long on HLAR the radio didn’t know where to start. Formed a tight little three piece band to play on all the tracks. Felt like a bit of a hangover after the big album. Toured a lot. Had fun. A lot of people think this is my best album. The radio still didn’t know where to start.” IMc 

[UK LP] This Way Up 524 240 1
[UK 2CD] This Way Up 524 240 2

Disc 1 | Merseybeast | This Way Up 524 215 2 

Track Title Composer Time Notes
1 Merseybeast R.I. McNabb 6:44
2 Affirmations R.I. McNabb 3:33
3 Beautiful Old Mystery R.I. McNabb 4:10
4 Love's Young Dream R.I. McNabb 4:33
5 Camaraderie R.I. McNabb 4:17
6 Don't Put Your Spell On Me R.I. McNabb 5:38
7 Heydays R.I. McNabb 5:45
8 Little Bit Of Magic R.I. McNabb 4:54
9 You Stone My Soul R.I. McNabb 6:16
10 Too Close To The Sun R.I. McNabb 3:47
11 They Settled For Less Than They Wanted   R.I. McNabb 7:20
12 I'm A Genius R.I. McNabb 4:19
13 Available Light R.I. McNabb 6:20
14 Merseybeast (Reprise) R.I. McNabb 1:51


Ian McNabb - Vocals, guitars, synthesizers, piano, moog, bass, harmonica, autoharp

The Afterlife ...

Russel Milton - Bass
Daniel Strittmatter - Drums

Henry Priestman - Organ [Hammond B3] , Backing Vocals
Preston Heyman - Percussion
Nick Warren - Programming
Andy Findon - Flute
Don Richardson - Upright bass 
Strings, Conductor - Cassell Webb, Craig Leon


Producer - Ian McNabb, Pete Schwier
Producer, Mixed By - Bruce Lampcov (tracks: 1, 5, 9, 12) 
Recorded By, Mixed By - Keith Andrews (tracks: 8, 10)
Engineer [Assistant] - Nick Kirkland, Paul Read, Ricky Graham

Programmed By - Nick Warren 

Disc 2 | North West Coast | This Way Up 524  241 2 [Limited]

Track Title Composer Time Notes
1 What She Did To My Mind Ian McNabb 7:26
2 Evangeline Ian McNabb 6:29
3 I Don't Want To Talk About It
4 When It All Comes Down Ian McNabb 8:18 Mixed by Ian McNabb
and Lloyd Gardiner
5 Understanding Jane Ian McNabb 4:08 Mixed by Ian McNabb
and Lloyd Gardiner
6 Pushin' Too Hard Sky Saxon 7:16


Ian McNabb - Vocals, guitars, synthesizers, piano, bass, harmonica
Ralph Molina (Crazy Horse) - Drums, backing vocals
Billy Talbot (Crazy Horse) - Bass, backing vocals
Mike Hamilton - Rhythm guitar
Nick Warren - Keyboards


Recorded live at King's College, London, June 1994. 
Engineered by Dave Porter and mixed by Bruce Lampcov. 
Mixing engineer is Lloyd Gardiner except where noted.

According to an interview with Ian in McNabb Rag issue number 8, Noel Gallagher of Oasis appears on the disk, although he is not credited.  

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