Ian McNabb
POTENCY - The Best of Ian McNabb


Limited Edition 2CD Release with Bonus Disc of Rairities, Demos and Outtakes.

[UK 2CD] Fairfield Records FAIRCD 4

Disc 1

Track Title Composer Time Notes
1 Liverpool Girl R.I. McNabb

2 Camaraderie R.I. McNabb

3 Livin' Proof (Miracles Can Happen) R.I. McNabb

4 All Things To Everyone R.I. McNabb

5 Great Dreams Of Heaven R.I. McNabb

6 Potency R.I. McNabb

7 If Love Was Like Guitars R.I. McNabb

8 The Man Who Can Make Women Laugh  R.I. McNabb

9 You Must Be Prepared To Dream R.I. McNabb

10 German Soldier's Helmet Circa 1943 R.I. McNabb

11 You Stone My Soul R.I. McNabb

12 I'm A Genius R.I. McNabb

13 Friend Of My Enemy R.I. McNabb

14 Lady By Degrees R.I. McNabb

15 Merseybeast R.I. McNabb

Disc 2

Track Title Composer Time Notes
1 Play The Hand They Deal You R.I. McNabb

2 (I Go) My Own Way R.I. McNabb

3 If My Daddy Could See Me Now  R.I. McNabb

4 For You, Angel R.I. McNabb

5 Time You Were In Love R.I. McNabb

6 Don't Patronise Me R.I. McNabb

7 Trams In Amsterdam R.I. McNabb

8 Woo Yer R.I. McNabb

9 Salt Of The Earth Mick Jagger
Keith Richards
6:27 Originally released on the promotional only album '21, Beggars Banquet, R.S.V.P.'
in celebration of the 21st anniversary of the Beggars Banquet labels group.
Features various artists each performing one track from the Rolling Stones'
Beggars Banquet album. CD is in 12" gatefold cover. 

[21 CD/Album][Uncut]

Later released on 'Gimme Shelter: 16 Amazing
Covers of Classic Songs
by the Rolling Stones, Vol. 2' [RSC 2001-22 (UNCUT UG-38 44)].
Issued with January 2002 issue of Uncut.

Produced by Ian McNabb and Mike Scott.
Engineered by Dave Wood.

Ian McNabb - acoustic guitar, hammond B3, percussion, vocals.
Mike Scott - acoustic guitar, percussion, piano, vocals.
Anthony Thistlethwaite - mandolin, electric slide mandolin, percussion, vocals.
10 Great Dreams Of Heaven R.I. McNabb

11 Rock R.I. McNabb

12 Sometimes I Think About You R.I. McNabb

13 What's It All About? R.I. McNabb

14 The Slider Marc Bolan

15 Go Into The Light R.I. McNabb
Celestial Dub Mix
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