Ian McNabb


Sporting a comfortable, low-key vibe, Ian McNabb's sixth studio album still manages to burn with all of his usual passion ā€” except this time McNabb's out to show off his sensitive singer/songwriter side as well as his more celebrated folk-rock persona of yore. To that end, The Gentleman Adventurer mixes in several nakedly emotive, keyboard-based ballads like "An Honest Mistake" and "The Human Heart and How it Works" alongside the expected (and winning) anthemic guitar-based numbers like "All Things to Everyone." To help give listeners an even greater sense of McNabb's full range, this largely acoustic release also detours into Beach Boys-influenced pop ("Gulf Coast Rockin'"), and even finds room for a handful of flat-out rock tunes, ranging from the deceptively upbeat "Ain't No Way to Behave" to the brooding, doom-laden "Hurricane Elaine." Regrettably, however, The Gentleman Adventurer's obvious drum programming is a bit of a bummer, as it gives several tracks more of a demo-like quality than perhaps was intended. As well, there's also at least one (blessedly brief) McNabb misfire on this album: The petty "Pampered Pop Star Millionaire Miserablist Blues" is a ham-fisted diatribe that makes McNabb sound every bit as whiny and self-absorbed as the pop stars he's trying to parody. Still, overall, McNabb fans will not be disappointed in The Gentleman Adventurer, and once folk-rock fans new to his work get past the drum programming, they'll find that most of the songwriting and performances on this album are refreshingly honest and heartfelt, and surprisingly hook-laden to boot. ~ K.A. Scott, Rovi

"Basically a bunch of 16 track analog publishing demos that I decided to release as they were - as I thought they had a great vibe. Recorded in Studio 2 at Parr St. before it became an alcohol boutique. Very simple. I could have fannyed around with these songs for ages trying to make them sound more impressive, but I knew Iā€™d never improve on them really. There were complaints at the time but I think the record has stood up really well. Some of my very best songs on one disc.ā€ IMc 

[UK CD] Fairfield Records FAIR CD3 

Track Title Composer Time Notes
1 Nothin' But Time R.I. McNabb 2:52
2 Ain't No Way To Behave R.I. McNabb 4:22
3 An Honest Mistake R.I. McNabb 4:42
4 May And December R.I. McNabb 3:48
5 All Things To Everyone R.I. McNabb 4:28
6 Lady By Degrees R.I. McNabb 4:37
7 Other People R.I. McNabb 3:33
8 Gulf Coast Rockin' R.I. McNabb 3:45
9 German Soldier's Helmet Circa 1943   R.I. McNabb 3:50
10 The Things You Do R.I. McNabb  3:08
11 The Human Heart And How It Works R.I. McNabb 3:24
12 Hurricane Elaine R.I. McNabb 6:13
13 Pampered Pop Star Millionaire Miserablist Blues  R.I. McNabb 2:48
14 The Prize R.I. McNabb 5:20


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