The Words and Music of Ian McNabb - MY OWN WAY

Ian McNabb
The Words and Music of Ian McNabb - MY OWN WAY

Promotional CD

14 Track Compilation CD Released as a Promotional Taster to his music.
Includes tracks from his first 3 Albums.

[UK CD Album] Blue Mountain Music / This Way Up WAY 5999 

Track Title Composer Time Notes
1 (I Go) My Own Way R.I. McNabb 5:19
2 Great Dreams Of Heaven R.I. McNabb 5:07
3 That's Why I Believe R.I. McNabb 5:26
4 If Love Was Like Guitars R.I. McNabb 5:06
5 These Are The Days R.I. McNabb 4:29
6 For You, Angel R.I. McNabb 7:45
7 You Must Be Prepared To Dream R.I. McNabb 6:57
8 Child Inside A Father R.I. McNabb 9:01
9 Potency R.I. McNabb 4:37
10 Sad Strange Solitary Catholic Mystic  R.I. McNabb 4:46
11 Evangeline Ian McNabb 6:30 Live [North West Coast]
12 Camaraderie R.I. McNabb 4:16
13 You Stone My Soul R.I. McNabb 4:58 Edit
14 I'm A Genius R.I. McNabb 4:19

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