Ian McNabb

Previously unreleased archival material from Ian McNabb 1993-2000


Waifs & Strays is the definitive cult item: a collection of peripheral material by a peripheral artist. This is Ian McNabb, the former Icicle Works frontman, clearing his attic--10 years' worth of demos, acoustic recordings and alternative versions of songs released elsewhere. Its release makes a certain amount of sense: to the extent that McNabb is known at all, it is for his somewhat incongruous collaborations with Crazy Horse and various members of the Waterboys. Waifs & Strays is McNabb on his own merits, with scarcely a celebrity cameo to be found, unless you count the recording of one track in the home studio of Pete Thomas--who is, as McNabb's liner notes rather unnecessarily remind us, the drummer in Elvis Costello's Attractions. Though McNabb's small but determined audience--this album's only likely audience--will argue otherwise, the songs here, while occasionally affecting, are mostly a series of explanations for McNabb's relative obscurity. While he occasionally evokes the articulacy of a Costello or the world-weary languor of a Paul Westerberg ("Fire In My Soul" being a decent example of both), his writing and singing lack character, and there's not much argument in favour of listening to Waifs & Strays instead of any of the records that inspired it. -- Andrew Mueller 

[UK CD] Evangeline GEL 4034
[US CD] Evangeline GEL 4034
(September 2001)

Track Title Composer Time Notes
1 Loveless Age R.I. McNabb   6:45Ian McNabb Sessions Outtake - Summer '00
2 Camaraderie R.I. McNabb 4:24 Demo - March '95
3 Fire Inside My Soul R.I. McNabb 6:15 Home Demo - Aug '93
4 Gak Mummy No. 1 R.I. McNabb 2:11 Demo - Oct '96
5 I'm A Genius R.I. McNabb 4:54 Alternate Version - Summer '95
6 Me And The Devil R.I. McNabb 9:33 Demo - March '95
7 Why Are The Beautiful So Sad? R.I. McNabb 4:23 Studio Version - Feb '99
8 Misty Meadows R.I. McNabb 5:14 Demo - March '95
9 Not Lost Enough To Be Rescued    R.I. McNabb 8:30 Merseybeast Sessions Outtake
10 Time Of My Mind R.I. McNabb 4:56 Demo - March '95
11 Great Dreams Of Heaven R.I. McNabb 4:57 Live With Crazy Horse - June '94
12 Nobody Say Nothin' To No-One R.I. McNabb 4:24 Outtake - Feb '99
13 You Stone My Soul R.I. McNabb 4:56 Demo - March '95
14 The New Golden Age R.I. McNabb 7:34 Demo - March '95


Originally mastered by Tim Young at Metropolis. 

Distributed by Universal.

'Evangeline' is the label run by Andrew Lauder, formerly of This Way Up. 


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