The Icicle Works

Promotional HOME MADE Cassette


[March 1981] Home made (Private Pressing) PROMOTIONAL cassette.


[UK Cassette] Private Pressing (with Artificial World)

[UK Cassette] Private Pressing (with Sympathy)


 [UK Cassette] Private Pressing


Track Title Composer Time Notes
1 Are We Dreamers R.I. McNabb   3:10 A 1
2 A Cure For Something R.I. McNabb 4:21 A 2
3 Lunar Holiday R.I. McNabb 3:45 A 3
4* Artificial World R.I. McNabb 4:14 A 4
4* Sympathy R.I. McNabb 5:46 A 4
5 All In The Gleam Of A Scientist's Eye R.I. McNabb 4:50 B 1
6 When Winter Lasted Forever R.I. McNabb 4:32 B 2


Chris Sharrock
Chris Layhe
Robert Ian McNabb

Artwork credited to BIG NED.


* Later copies have the track SYMPATHY replacing ARTIFICIAL WORLD. 

It was distributed by PROBE Records in Liverpool and also at local gigs by the band themselves. It is not known how many copies of each were distributed.
As a guess, no more than 200 copies exist.

It has also been reported that some copies of the cassette were distributed with a magazine called Merseysound (see below) which also included an interview with the band.

(c) 80/81 The Icicle Works


All seven of the tracks from the original Ascending tape have been 'remastered'. 

The speed has now been corrected to align with the released versions from Lost Icicles and Peel Sessions as all tracks (except Sympathy) sounded too fast. 

'Tape' noise has also been removed to further enhance your musical enjoyment.

Are We Dreamers.mp3

A Cure for Something.mp3

Lunar Holiday.mp3


All In The Gleam Of A Scientist's Eye.mp3

When Winter Lasted Forever.mp3

Artificial World [Remastered].mp3

Thanks go to Richard Peat for his assistance. 


'Merseysound' was published in 26 issues from 1979 to 1982, and provides a unique and rich account of Liverpool's post-punk music scene involving groups such as Echo and the Bunnymen, the Icicle Works, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, and the Teardrop Explodes. In its final issue (number 26, October 1982), the editorial explained that, "the magazine is produced by a mix of friends - meeting, talking and writing in their own way about mainly local music".

Roger Hill, who co-founded 'Merseysound' with Ronnie Flood, recalled the initial drive to create the zine:

"There wasn't really any music fanzines around. Roger Eagle [manager of Eric's Club] had a thing called 'The Last Trumpet' and there were a few fanzines around with good writing but it wasn't necessarily about music. We wanted to create something that was a fanzine of record about music in the way 'The Times' is a newspaper of record."

As 'a fanzine of record', the pages of 'Merseysound' present a telling, if partial portrait of the scene through features on clubs, gigs, musicians, and opinion pieces providing discussions ranging from the lack of performance venues to pressing concerns of the time such as the Toxteth riots and rising unemployment levels. In doing so, 'Merseysound' provides a record of more than music, documenting Liverpool as a place undergoing significant musical and urban change. 

Merseysound Magazine [Issue 25] 

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