The Icicle Works

LYRICS In The Cauldron Of Love
LYRICS Love Is A Wonderful Colour
LYRICS Nirvana

The way these tapes came back to me is bizarre. Mike Badger (founder of the La's) was having a cigarette outside a studio in Preston recently when he saw someone throwing a bunch of reel to reel tapes into a skip. Curiousity got the better of him and he leaned over to have a look. They turned out to be a bunch of Icicle Works tapes that we'd all forgotten about. He grabbed them and passed them on to my guitar doctor Belgian John. I then went to retrieve them and was frankly amazed at what I saw. A full concert from Boston 1984 and about thirty other unreleased tracks. I was stunned to see the original masters of 'Are We Dreamers' and 'Irish Soldiers', recorded at Rock City in Shepperton studios, intended to be our debut single but shelved when we fell out with Scratch records who paid for them. A bunch of songs I'd forgotten about: 'Clockmaker', 'All Is Right' amongst them, and loads of embryonic demos that would eventually become songs on our first and second albums. The demo of'Love Is A Wonderful Colour' with completely different lyrics. I was gobsmacked. I've included 18 tracks on 'Lost Icicles Vol 1' and it makes for a very interesting listen for any Icicles fan (of which I include myself).

Crank it up!
Ian McNabb, Liverpool, October 2008 


Available from November 17th, 2008


Track Title Composer Time Notes
1 Are We DreamersIan McNabb   3:31
2 Irish Soldiers Ian McNabb  4:05
3 The Clockmaker Ian McNabb  4:44
4 In The Cauldron Of Love Ian McNabb  5:13
5 All Is Right Ian McNabb  4:36
6 A Factory In The Desert Ian McNabb  3:16
7 Lovehunt Ian McNabb  3:45
8 Sirocco Ian McNabb  2:34
9 Sympathy Ian McNabb  5:06
10 Nirvana  Ian McNabb  4:12
11 Chop The Tree Ian McNabb  6:23
12 Love Is A Wonderful Colour Ian McNabb  4:34 Different Lyrics
13 Waterline  Ian McNabb  4:12
14 Reaping The Rich Harvest Ian McNabb  3:48
15 Seven Horses Ian McNabb  4:48
16 Perambulator  Ian McNabb  4:01
17 Beggars Legacy Ian McNabb  3:35
18 Assumed Sundown Ian McNabb  5:25

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