03 October 2011
Details added for BBC In Concert 607 transcription disc.

30 September 2011

Many thanks for all your comments via the CONTACT page. It really does make a difference. 
Remember that if you see anything that is incorrect, or that you would simply like done a different way, please tell me and I will be only too pleased to amend it. 
The Facebook 'LIKE' list on the DISCOGRAPHY page seems to be growing nicely too.

A big THANK YOU to all that like this site and to those that have sent nice words of support and encouragement ... I'm currently working on a site for another group so I hope that you like that one as well ... more of that later though!

The only one that seemingly hasn't passed comment is Mr McNabb himself, so I've no idea if he approves or not.

I've got some more uploads to put on here ... the official BBC 'In Concert' CD of Glastonbury '94, together with a few of the autographed White Labels (as requested!).

Gary [Admin]

08 September 2011

Additional images added for ASCENDING tape.

06 September 2011
Just a note concerning WHITE LABEL releases. Just about every Beggars Banquet release by The Icicle Works is available on at least a White Label 7", and in many instances 12". These are still quite easy to obtain, regularly appearing on eBay and Amazon for nominal prices. I do not include them in my Discography section as they have no identifiable features. If they do, then I will try to include them. The Melting Bear 12" white label is the most sought after, then perhaps the Rapids signed 12" of which you still regularly see for sale. The first album is available as two one-sided white labels, which is harder to find. If you REALLY want these included in the Discography then I will endeavor to do so.

04 September 2011
I've had a couple of emails recently requesting a that I incorporate a chat forum within this site. I originally had a one on this site, however due to total lack of interest I decided to remove it. In my opinion they simply do not work unless you have a very healthy active membership. Taking the discussion board for Ian McNabb on the Merseybeasts website as a guide, there simply isn't the interest out there to generate a decent artist-related forum. Perhaps a blog could be a satisfactory half-way house?
For those still wanting a forum, can I recommend the following ...

06 August 2011

Taken from the Merseybeasts website ... this is a response from Beggars Banquet, via Cherry Red regarding the remastering of the latest reissues, which many people feel sound less than perfect ...

"When re-mastering these releases we went back to the original analogue studio tapes (and not the digital cutting masters), so that we could do a new analogue to digital transfer."

"The A to D converters have improved greatly since the late 1980's, so there is more information and depth on the new digital transfers. I suppose the controversial decision that was made, was to adjust the sonic balance between bass, mid-range and treble (the EQ) so that it wasn't so 'Eighties'."

"We felt the original CD sound was very bright (so the snare drum is over dominant) and also a bit thin and compressed. However, by creating a thicker, more rocky sound it may seem 'muddy' if played at lower volumes and isn't what you are used to hearing. If you up the volume a bit and let your ears adjust, then you should hear more detail in the music and more bottom end."

04 August 2011
Details for Selected Demos 1996-2000 (Blue Mountain Promo) Added.

02 August 2011
Enhanced images uploaded for most of Ian McNabb SOLO albums.

27 July 2011
Details for Official Fan Club Christmas Message 1986 Promotional Cassette Added
Details for The Emotional Party Song Book Added 

23 July 2011

Many images improved and/or uploaded.
[Many thanks go to Juergen de Vries for his help and support.]

19 July 2011
A Few Additional Images Added.

08 May 2011

Blind [3CD Reissue, Cherry Red CDTRED501] due 11/07 ... details now added.

23 April 2011
Updated the Various Artists section.

22 April 2011
Images added for Little Girl Lost Spain 7".

19 April 2011
DOWNLOAD Page Revised and Unlocked.

18 April 2011
BIOGRAPHY Section Added.
CITY LIGHTS Page Added. Link Added from HOME Page
Image added for '93 Tour CD
Image added for Livin' Proof Promotional CD
New banner and footer for DISCOGRAPHY page

17 April 2011

'Remastered' MP3's added to The Icicle Works' ASCENDING page.
[Thanks go to Richard Peat for his help and support.]

16 April 2011
The Small Price Of A Bicycle [Expanded Edition] Download Added to DISCOGRAPHY
If You Want To Defeat Your Enemy [Expanded Edition] Download Added to DISCOGRAPHY
Live at The Town And Country, 1986 [Full Concert] Download Added to DISCOGRAPHY

04 March 2011
Amended BEG 220 with correct release date. 

03 March 2011
Updated UK Chart details. Removed Non UK Chart references, as unsubstantiated.

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